I am whale crazy, this is pure insanity! Although they are super cute :)

Finally added the tusk, and made another whale in beige, so now i have 2!

My little blue whale had made it into my shop!

I am currently creating an army of multi coloured whales (i clearly have no life!)

See below and link to my shop :)
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I FINALLY decided to get my act together and make the whale i have always wanted to make!
He was originally going to be a Narwhal, but i decided to stick with him just being a whale for now. I may add the tusk later on ;)
Photo 1, proves I'm human and have an extremely messy table! 

Here's a better photo :) I took these photos with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. The true colour of the whale is a royal blue in 8 ply yarn.
This post is going to be dedicated to the fellow craft-lovers currently residing in the Etsy world :)

I think its hugely important for Etsy shop owners to be featured in blog posts & other sites to gain exposure. Afterall, Etsy is no Ebay! But, it is growing fast and sometimes it can be hard to find the little fish in the sea!
I have been featured quite a few times in other blogs and have decided to return the favour, i know the benefits of exposure and even if you don't get many sales, having a name for yourself is just as exciting.

I have tried to organise the shops below into categories, so hopefully it will make browsing easier :)
Show some love for the Etsy Folk!

Etsy Shops:


Song Bird Cabin: This shop has a beautiful collection of jewellery! Stunning pieces that would suit everyday and formal wear! This shop has incorporated a lot of different materials, eg; copper, silver, resin, into their works of art to make them even more unique! Also, check out their blog:  www.songbirdcabin.blogspot.com

Jac Jewelry: Another gorgeous jewelry shop full of modern and funky designs! Im loving the coffee girl necklace! Check this shop out! Another great gift shop!

Hot Mess Momma: Lovely fashion jewellery shop! This shops' designs are endless! Choose from an assortment of cuffs, bracelets, necklaces and more!

Phaness: Stunning jewellery and fashion accessory shop! I simply love the creativity and unique designs in this shop! If your looking for the perfect gift or to treat yourself-look no further!

Della Messina: Another lovely jewellery shop full of funky designs and gorgeous colours! Check out their blog too!: www.abeadersblog.blogspot.com

Ribbons In Bloom: This shop stocks beautiful handmade flower headbands, brooches, clips and other accessories. Stunning designs! You can never have enough hair accessories!

The Candy Tree 125: A lovely jewellery & Misc shop by Emma Dickie. This shop is stunning, not only will you find jewellery, but accessories too (Scarves, cushions, cross-stitch). A really lovely all-rounder shop!

Constant Baubling: This shop has some SERIOUS cute! If your into jewellery that turns heads and looks amazing no matter how you wear it-then this shop is for you! PLenty of personal favs in this shop! A must to check out!


Creative Bottle Caps R Us: If your a collector, or just love decorated bottle caps, then this shop is for you! Bottle caps seem to be a hot item lately, and this shop proves why! These gorgeously decorated caps make great gifts-especially the zipper pulls!

JP Country Market: This shop has a bit of everything! From vintage items to restored treasures! A little something for everyone!


42 Things: Jo has created a lovely store with a real home feel! I absoltely love stationary and tags, so this shop is like Christmas to me! Check out her lovely tags, die-cuts and seals!

Camels And Custard: If your a book lover (Like me!) then you will fall in love with this shop (also like me!). Many bookmarks to choose from-all shapes and sizes with an excellent choice of designs!

Lil Paper Boutique: Are you a scrapbook/stationary nut like me? If so, you will ADORE this shop! Full of lovely scrapbooks, tags and more! Very addictive!

Madlens Ribbon Riot: This shop is full of funky crafts made with ribbons and styrofoam! Check out their festive decorations for Christmas and Halloween! A very fun shop!

The Mum and the Rose: I have put this shop under paper stationary as they have some lovely cards in stock, however this shop really does a bit of everything. Here you will find beautiful jewellery, cards and artwork! Feel free to also check out their blog! hattierosebud.blogspot.com/ 

Art Prints/Fine Art/Photography:

Jayn Foley Fine Art: This shop is full of stunning paintings! I am a huge art fan and this shop blows me away! If i had any more walls in my home i would fill them with pieces from this shop. This shop is an absolute MUST for art lovers!

Hena Tayeb Photography: This shop is filled to the brim with lovely photographs taken in natural settings of scenery, architecture and animals. A stunning journey into fine photography!

Kshoo Design: This shop is full of bright gorgeous wall art. There are pieces that are designed for the nursery room and are gorgeous and bright. Would make stunning additions to any home!

Fleet Mark: If your looking for some beautiful works of art than this is the shop to visit! Many beautiful scenery and animal fine art prints to choose from-and plenty more! A must to check out!


Black Forrest Cottage: If your looking for jewelry boxes, organisers, or cosmetic item stands than this is the shop for you! Plenty of beautifully constructed pieces can be found in this shop with plenty of designs!


Stephanie Makes All: She's not kidding- she really does make all! This shop is packed full of delicate hand crocheted soap cloths, hand warmers, headbands & other misc decorations. Great all-rounder shop!

BV Life Style: Lovely shop with plenty of knitted scarves, hand warmers and sweaters! This shop will have you ready for Winter!

Tango Brat: Another lovely knitted shop! You have to check out the nose warmers! Plenty of wash cloths, scarves and hand warmers. Great gift ideas!

Gleeza: This is another great all-rounder shop! Plenty of lovely crochet pot holders, magnets, plush's, hats and other decor! Check this shop out!

Soaps/body shops:

Dirty Girl Soap Company: This is a lovely soap shop filled with plenty of handmade cold process and Glycerin soaps that look good enough to eat! And don't forget to check out her spooky soap range!

Hop And Herb: This is a lovely body shop full of Vegan shampoos, conditioners and fragrances! You cannot beat a natural handmade shop! Great gift ideas!

Coquette Bath: This shop is a wonderland of lip balms, perfumes, soaps and scrubs! An ultimate body shop full of refreshing flavours and scents!


Midnite Pine Creations: This shop is simply adorable! If your looking for bed linen then go no further! This shop stocks beautiful bed sets and blankets for crib/toddler beds. These would make lovely gifts, do check this shop out!


Babbalu & Livvy: Wonderful clothing shop full of gorgeous designs! Plenty of children's clothes to pick from in many styles & designs!

Purses/ Cases:

Chick-Lit Designs: A shop full of wonderful purses and book clutches! These would make the perfect gift for any avid book reader! A must to check out!


Mugsleys: Aren't we all always looking for the perfect mug gift to give someone? I know i am! Well the hard search is over-create your own designs! This shop will gladly make your custom mugs so you can have the perfect mug each time! Not feeling creative? That's ok too-they have a large selection of funky already-designed mugs!


Please feel free to post your shop in my comments section and i will add your shop asap :)

Please check out the above shops :)
I have been saying i would post some freebies up, and unfortunately i have not had the time to make my own, so i thought i would create a list of free amigurumi patterns out there on the internet :)

Crochet Pattern Central: This website has it all! From knitting to crochet to amigurumi. HUNDREDS of patterns and many added daily. Check them out!
Wolf Dreamer: Great crochet resource website with lots of cool crochet related info, tutorials & free patterns.
WebDesign School: Lots of great links to free amigurumi patterns!
Planet June: Great website with tons of crochet resources and free patterns
Free Amigurumi Patterns: Blog full of free pattern links

Individual patterns:

Super Mario Star: Adorable video game related amigurumi pattern (These types of amigurumi's make great gifts!)
Legend of Zelda Amigurumi: ADORABLE! Any Zelda fan needs to check this free pattern out :)
Mario Bro's Bob-Omb: Another one for the Mario fans, this is a great beginner Amigurumi pattern. Very easy!
Cute Bunny: Adorable bunny pattern
Owl: Adorable owl pattern
Acorn plushie: Free Adorable Acorn pattern

Feel free to comment with other great blog sites if you wish :)
No doubt this list of free pattern links and pattern websites will keep you busy for a long time!
This post is a tad delayed! I have created some adorable mini christmas tree amigurumi plushies! One of which is decorated with some lovely pink pearls :)

These were made pretty simply and i will be selling the pattern online shortly :)

In the spirit of Halloween, i have decided to make some adorable Candy Corn Amigurumi plushies!

These little guys are great for decorating, or even to give away as Trick-Or-Treat gifts!  Much healthier and more adorable!

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