Super Mario Galaxy Luma Plush

I have finally made something with my new sewing machine! And the first thing i made was of course some adorable Luma plush's from the Mario Galaxy video games.

These little guys are terribly easy to make and look adorable! I was quite surprised how much stuffing they need, however i suppose that's what i have to get used to when sewing (i don't use much stuffing for amigurumi's as they aren't all that big!!)

I have made the Luma plush's in 4 colours so far: Blue, Yellow, Pink and Black.
See photos below!:
Adorable Yellow Luma!

Blue Luma!

Pretty in pink Luma!

Black Luma!
And of course what would be the point of making an army of Lumas without a .... GROUP SHOT!

I have all these Luma plush's available for sale starting at $15 on Etsy, Check out my shop for more! And of course, i do take custom orders for different sizes/colours etc!

That's all for now! And up next-Pokemon Plush's!

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