FREE PATTERNS! & other cool crochet websites

I have been saying i would post some freebies up, and unfortunately i have not had the time to make my own, so i thought i would create a list of free amigurumi patterns out there on the internet :)

Crochet Pattern Central: This website has it all! From knitting to crochet to amigurumi. HUNDREDS of patterns and many added daily. Check them out!
Wolf Dreamer: Great crochet resource website with lots of cool crochet related info, tutorials & free patterns.
WebDesign School: Lots of great links to free amigurumi patterns!
Planet June: Great website with tons of crochet resources and free patterns
Free Amigurumi Patterns: Blog full of free pattern links

Individual patterns:

Super Mario Star: Adorable video game related amigurumi pattern (These types of amigurumi's make great gifts!)
Legend of Zelda Amigurumi: ADORABLE! Any Zelda fan needs to check this free pattern out :)
Mario Bro's Bob-Omb: Another one for the Mario fans, this is a great beginner Amigurumi pattern. Very easy!
Cute Bunny: Adorable bunny pattern
Owl: Adorable owl pattern
Acorn plushie: Free Adorable Acorn pattern

Feel free to comment with other great blog sites if you wish :)
No doubt this list of free pattern links and pattern websites will keep you busy for a long time!

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  1. I added you to my blog..will do a write up on you in the next few days..Have to leave town for a few days..but shall return..Rosebud.


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