Little Big Planet- Sack Boy Amigurumi

I always thought the little guy from Little Big Planet was a little bit creepy and 90% cute, so i decided to test my luck on crocheting an actual Sack Boy!
I don't think i did such a bad job but i will probably be using a lot less darker brown yarn next time so his features can be seen more clearly.
This guy stands approx 6 inches tall, unfortunately he doesn't actually stand up by himself but i think with a bigger amigurumi he would have flatter feet and more surface area to stand up on.
Pics below!

Above: The little guys head with felt mouth & tongue. Not sure at this point if i like the tongue and unfortunately due to the dark wool you can barely see his felt mouth!

Below: The almost finished product (minus the zipper and the rest of the decorative white yarn stitches)

Below: You can see his white stitches made in white thread, this will eventually follow his contours around as per the original Sack Boy!

Below: His teeny tiny fingers! There are five, and they were made by doing 5 lots of 2 and 3 chain stitches and then single crochets back down and repeating until the hand was done! Very fiddley but it is probably the most effective way of getting fingers on a miniature amigurumi without too much hastle.To make them not curl you could easily connect yarn from inside the arm tube out to the individual fingers and pull it tight to straighten them..but again this was trial and error!

Below: To get his head flat-ish i pulled string from one end of his body to the other end and back up without letting his body relax, so this kept this head squished down flat and all his pieces joined together. This technique is great when your amigurumi is a bit too bouncy, especially after you have stitched him all together.

And finally here is the little guy still almost completed but in some more artificial light. This brown wool has a habbit of turning different shades of brown-unusual but a nice effect!

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  1. que lindo, podrias poner por ahi el patron o el paso a paso, felicidades por tu sackboy!!


    Aqui ta=engo un patron para Sack boy que encontre ase poco...Pero es en Ingles.No se como de grande sea por que aun no lo e echo pero pues.


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