First Blog- First Amigurumi !

Wohoo- First Blog, and it's about time!
This also marks the creation of my first Amigurumi bunnie...well the first half of it anyway!
This little critter (pictures soon) will be flying off to my Partner soon! And then i can concentrate on my Ninja project which will be available for sale in my Etsy store. More info soon!

Wohoo-and he's almost done! I have only his hood to do. But for now I'll post the progress photos!! (( Click the image to view the full image))

Above: (Stage 1) The very beginnings of my Amigurumi- instructions and all!
Below: Inside view, circular crochet.

After the initial stage of increasing the bunnies head i added some eyes and then started decreasing my stitch to finalize the shape!

Getting there!
Below: Finished the stitching for the head and stitched the X for the nose. Looking like a blob with eyes at this point-but still adorable. I stuffed the amigurumi just before i finished stitching him. I used a soft fluffy fibre filling, so he is very soft and squishy!

Below: i finished stitching his ears-realise done was bigger then the other Opps! In the photo below i held them up to his head *not stitched at this point* so i could see how he was shaping up!

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