I have finally made something with my new sewing machine! And the first thing i made was of course some adorable Luma plush's from the Mario Galaxy video games.

These little guys are terribly easy to make and look adorable! I was quite surprised how much stuffing they need, however i suppose that's what i have to get used to when sewing (i don't use much stuffing for amigurumi's as they aren't all that big!!)

I have made the Luma plush's in 4 colours so far: Blue, Yellow, Pink and Black.
See photos below!:
Adorable Yellow Luma!

Blue Luma!

Pretty in pink Luma!

Black Luma!
And of course what would be the point of making an army of Lumas without a .... GROUP SHOT!

I have all these Luma plush's available for sale starting at $15 on Etsy, Check out my shop for more! And of course, i do take custom orders for different sizes/colours etc!

That's all for now! And up next-Pokemon Plush's!

That's right -the wild west is about to get transformed in to SACKBOY!
With a craft idea up my sleeve i believe i am the first to make the John Marsden Sackboy!

Photos will be added shortly.

For those who aren't aware, John Marsden is the main character from the video game 'Red dead redemption" Fun game to play with plenty of character. So i decided to make a tribute to the game (in sackboy form).
Keep an eye out for the next post which will include photos!

I am back on Ebay and Etsy after a brief break, so if there are any sackboy orders you wish to make, feel free to message me on ebay, etsy or here!
Well the other day i had a request for a sackboy made completely from white yarn.
I think i remember seeing some sackboys made from plain colours other than brown and wondered how this one would turn out!
Well i have now finished the little guy and think he looks pretty darn cute :) But maybe next time i will use a lighter coloured yarn for the mouth as i think it may be too harsh on the whiter wool. This wool has a slight shimmer to it too!
See images below!

And heres the little guy! He looks like he has a somewhat anime type smile on him due to the way the rows joined at that peak in his mouth! Somewhat cute feature!

I have since added a pure white zip pull to his chest but i have no photos since i have added that.
I have decided to add these white flavoured sackboys into my ebay and etsy shops as a permanent resident :) They are quick and easy for me to make just like the brown ones. I will also do custom orders of different colours if requested.
I will be sure to post the next interesting custom sackboy i am currently working on, soon!
-Amigurumi Zoo.
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