White Albino Sackboy!

Well the other day i had a request for a sackboy made completely from white yarn.
I think i remember seeing some sackboys made from plain colours other than brown and wondered how this one would turn out!
Well i have now finished the little guy and think he looks pretty darn cute :) But maybe next time i will use a lighter coloured yarn for the mouth as i think it may be too harsh on the whiter wool. This wool has a slight shimmer to it too!
See images below!

And heres the little guy! He looks like he has a somewhat anime type smile on him due to the way the rows joined at that peak in his mouth! Somewhat cute feature!

I have since added a pure white zip pull to his chest but i have no photos since i have added that.
I have decided to add these white flavoured sackboys into my ebay and etsy shops as a permanent resident :) They are quick and easy for me to make just like the brown ones. I will also do custom orders of different colours if requested.
I will be sure to post the next interesting custom sackboy i am currently working on, soon!
-Amigurumi Zoo.

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