Semi Complete-and a Tad Bit Proud!

Finally my bunnie actually looks like a..well- a bunnie!
I do have his hood yet to complete but for now he is looking mighty fancy! I have stitched his pieces together (which was probably the hardest step so far!) and hes finally taking shape. However i did need to insert a stitch inside the entire length of his body and back out and in again to pull his parts closer together and to get a nice round overall shape. This also hid the stitching on his neck and upper arms.
Photo below! And as always click for a better view of the entire image, as blogger likes to cut them just shy of the edge of the image.

Just some more detailed photos: Lets all ignore the uneven stitches!

Below: his feet look uneven in this photo but this little guy is fairly adjustable and arms and legs can be squished into place!

Lucky last-

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