Happy Cloud Iphone / Ipod /Cell Pouch

I don't think i ever posted pictures of the adorable cloud pouch i created. I made this guy back in September i think.
It features a white cloud with blue eyes and a blue cloud button on one side, and a blue cloud with white eyes and a white cloud button on the other.
The pouch is lined with white felt for maximum scratch protection.

Unfortunately i dont seem to have the sam colour embroidery thread as the colour of the blue felt i have, which just means the stitching looks a little darker then the actual felt. This doesn't matter to me a whole lot and it kind of gives it character!

This pouch isnt quite as big as the last two i have made ((Luma & Castle Crashers case(see posts below)), however this would still fit an iphone, an ipod and of course my Blackberry cell phone.

I have taken much better photos than i previously took and i have posted them below:
Hey look , once again iv taken my photos by the same ornaments in my Apartment! It is becoming somewhat of a trademark for me, heh.
 Below: Plenty of room with my Blackberry curve in the pouch. Not sure how the more bulky blackberry models would go in this pouch, i know the blackberry bold is rather chunky.

Below: more photos

  I love this particular shot, the natural lighting makes the felt rather shimmery.

 Unfortunately i didn't catch as much natural lighting on this shot, but it still looks adorable! (probably a weird thing to say about a phone case!)

And, lucky last image!
This image shows a ncie comparison of the size of the case, as sometimes its a little hard to tell. The actual finished size was 5.6 Inch long by 3.5 inches wide.

This pouch is located in my ebay shop HERE and my Etsy shop HERE

As always, more soon!

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