Fuzzy Amigurumi Dust Bunnie's

It would be no surprise to my mother to see these adorable dust bunnies lying around my room!

However unlike the usual dust bunnies, these little guys arent here just because you didnt clean your room!
I made these dust bunnies from Jazz yarn, hobby fill and safety eyes. They measure 2 x 2 Inch. They have tails also which are a measure of wisdom-the longer the tail the wiser the bunnie! (bet ya didn't know that!)

These were fun to make, however this type of yarn is somewhat challenging to deal with, and i probably wouldnt attempt to make a large amigurumi at this stage with this particular yarn..unless i didnt mind my stitches not being even and correctly counted etc.

However i will post the pattern for these little guys shortly. Its really just a basic circle and can be done very easily.
I will be making more variations with tiny fuzzy ears!

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