Harvest Moon: Sunshine islands + Pig= Happiness!

Well today was a pretty awesome day!

My pre-ordered DS Lite game came this afternoon from gamestop (after me eagerly awaiting for it all day), and with it came the special plush pig that ships will all pre-orders!
Very glad i pre-ordered to get the plush pig as it is simply adorable<3 ! And also the fact that the game hasnt even been released here in Australia yet....
I haven't had much time to play it due to my uni exams this week (one tomorrow) so i will be setting time aside tomorrow afternoon after my exam to play it. It seems quite similar to Island of Happiness in that it has the same characters and they are runnign the same businesses and whatnot. I know there are perks like races and other mini games which i have yet to encounter in IOH. Then again..i have yet to get any animals in IOH due to the fact that i constantly run out of stamina in the game (i sure do miss the Nes version "Friends of Mineral Town" where you could relax in the hot springs to completely rejuvenate!) this may appear later in the game who knows! But for now it seems I'm doing a daily routine of watering half my crops and trying to scavenge grass roots and such to keep my stamina up. Farming is never easy!

Apart from being overly excited about my new HM game, i have been extremely busy with sackboy orders! I have had 4 in the last few days with about 5 more to come! Its a good thing i love crocheting, and with my new job and more flexible hours, i will surely have alot more time to make new amigurumi's!

I am just itching to create my sackboy in bunny suit!

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