Castle Crashers Phone / Ds Lite/ Camera Pouch!

A castle Crasher's themed item was never too far away! And here it is!
My fav castle Crasher playable character is the blue guy, and so i cut him out of felt, each and every pice..and then hand sewn each piece together onto the felt background.
There is a double layer of felt for the top side of the pouch to hide all the loose thread ends and such, this also protectes the screen if an ipod is going into it.
A DS Lite also fits into this pouch quite snuggly. See images below!

Above:  Close up of the pouch! Gotta love the Owelet to his right.
Below: My DS Lite can fit comfortably inside this pouch (note in this picture the DS lite is not all the way inside the pouch)

Blow: The back of the pouch. I chose a plain black because it would probably get dirty sitting on bench tops and whatnot. So at least a black backing wont show dirt (and less washing!)

Below: My blackberry curve has plenty of room  in this pouch. Its almost too big to just put a blackberry in, but with hands free and accessories etc , it would make a great fit.

And this is an inside view. Although due to the lack of natural light i had when taking the images, you cant really tell that the inside top piece of felt is a dark blue colour.

More Castle Crashers pouches and key chains coming soon!

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