Super Mario Bros LUMA Iphone/Camera Case

Whee! Another creation!
This time it's another iphone/cell phone/camera case featuring a lovely pink Luma from the Super Mario Bros video games!
This pouch is made from felt, and is completely hand sewn! It took me a good 2-3 hrs to complete. I love sewing on all the details to make it come alive, and it makes it a lot more interesting to look at!

Below are some photos of my latest creation:

And as usual i take photos of my creations againt the same ornaments in my house!

Above: With my Blackberry Curve sitting inside, there is still plenty of room. I thought i would make it bigger as i don't own an iphone and i know they are a bit bigger-but also this way it can fit cameras and small items in too.To give you a better idea on size, it can just fit a Nintendo DS lite in it!
Above: Plenty of room for my phone, and if i wanted to add some other things like hands-free or earphones in the pouch too, i could do it easily.

Above: Inside view. I have a double layer of felt for the top side of the pouch.I ahve done this layer in black, so it doesn't get dirty from putting things inside that aren't particularly squeaky clean! (and whos phone is!?)

Above & Below: A close up of the detailing work done on the phone case. Each colour is hand sewn onto the other colours of felt. here is a lot of work involved in this case-but i think the work surely pays off with this pretty finished result!

I will be adding more of these phone cases in my blog soon!

This phone case can be found in my Etsy store HERE and also my Ebay store HERE

I will also be putting this item up on my website with some hints and tips for making felt cases, and how i stitch my felt pieces together.

More coming soon!

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