The Art of Posting Parcels (With Love)

Well seeing as though i am forever crocheting and selling my sackboys and lovely creations, its vital for me (i believe) to post these adorable creations in a way which will hopefully surprise the recipient! (in a nice way!)

I have taken some photos of how i generally pack my little sackboys before i pop them into the tough bags ready for post. These tough bags are extremely durable. I generally pop them into clear plastic self adhesive bags which i bought from ebay in a bulk auction of 50 for about $6.99.

Below are the images of my little creations before being put into the bags:

Arent they adorable! I make a small thank you card with my website on it and a nice gesture of appreciation-and then i wrap a ribbon around him to attach him to the card. If its a plain sackboy that im shipping, i use a blue or pink ribbon.

Thats all for now, just thought id pop some photos here of my little creations ready for posting (and to give me an excuse for a break from my crochet orders!)

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