Sack Boy Number 2


Because i had so much fun making the first sackboy-i decided to make another one with a different body shape. I wanted to fix his head a little as i found the first one was a bit too long. (Trial and error) i have seen many Sackboy patterns but none have suited the size and shape i was after so i have made one that i think i am finally happy with!

His little sun cape is made from felt and it just pops over his shoulders and head. Its not connected although i did consider putting a button on the front of it to keep it on but it doesn't appear to have problem staying on so i thought i would leave it as is.

Here is a photo from behind. His little cape goes flying out behind him as though he was running! Its a cute arrangement and i may consider different outfits for him as he has in the game. Unfortunately time permits!

You will find this little guy in my Etsy store!! More coming soon!

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