Bunnie- Completed!

Finally i have finished my Bunnie Amigurumi!
I admit it took a lot longer than expected and some parts were quite fiddley compared to others-but it was all worth it in the end!

Last night i completed his hood and scarf, 100% completed!
This little guy is now prepared to be flown to the US!
Photos below: Click image to view full size.

Above: His completed Scarf
Below: Scarf & Hood-Note the hood does have its own strings to tie it up at the front, but these aren't as visible when the scarf is placed around the Bunnie.

While making my Bunnie i did call upon some fantastic youtube videos to assist with particular stitches- the following are fantastic recommended tutorials on the different stitching techniques & how to pull them off!

  • Video for a half double crochet stitch, click HERE
  • Video for how to start a magic crochet stitch/start an amigurumi, click HERE
  • Picture tutorial, step-by-step on how to join your Amigurumi, click HERE

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