New Felt Plushies

Well it's been a while since my last post and i have been doing a couple of new plushies of the felt variety.

I have been creating soft plushies to use as decorations for Trees, houses, pets etc you name it!

The following are my newest. (These are also on Etsy if you are interested).

I can make these little guys into a hanging ornament by adding some ribbon upon request!

I am, as always, happy to create custom orders of the same difficulty level for the same cost as my others. Or if you would like something mores specific, just contact me for details :).

Below: Cutie storm cloud plush!

Below: A little Onigiri plush (Yummy enough to eat!) 

Below: An adorable little happy blue cloud plushie. 

Below: Happy elephant pliushie.

Below: Lovely Owl plush. 

Below: Lovely deer/ fawn plush

Below: Pair of sweet bunnies. 

More ornaments coming soon! Festive ones to come!

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