I am whale crazy, this is pure insanity! Although they are super cute :)

Finally added the tusk, and made another whale in beige, so now i have 2!

My little blue whale had made it into my shop!

I am currently creating an army of multi coloured whales (i clearly have no life!)

See below and link to my shop :)
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I FINALLY decided to get my act together and make the whale i have always wanted to make!
He was originally going to be a Narwhal, but i decided to stick with him just being a whale for now. I may add the tusk later on ;)
Photo 1, proves I'm human and have an extremely messy table! 

Here's a better photo :) I took these photos with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. The true colour of the whale is a royal blue in 8 ply yarn.
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