How to Sell Your Handmade Crafts

Making handmade crafts can be an enjoyable experience, a fun time waster and can end all gift idea dilemmas!
However, not many people are aware that they can make a little extra income from doing something they love!
You might think making scarfs and crochet toys and such are simply figt ideas or for yourself-oh how wrong you are!
Many people buy handmade crafts because its handmade! Many people these days don't want to spend money on something that wont put any money back into the economy, or something that is made by a machine and the company ears 90% profit from the item!
Many people don't mind forking out a bit more cash for something made by hand with more care and quality than that of a production line.
Etsy is the major website for buying and selling all things handmade. This can be furniture, books, art, crochet toy and clothes, knitted garments, patterns, pottery and much more.
The website traffic that Etsy brings in is considerably smaller then Ebay, simply because it only sells handmade goods.
If your having a hard time starting out on Etsy-don't panic! You just need a couple more items in your shop for exposure. Also, make sure your tags (which i will explain in the next paragraph) have no spelling mistakes, and are suited to what you are selling.
Tags are used to explain an item in one word. You may choose as many tags as you wish to help those who are searching for your item.
If you were to list a jacket, you would probably want the following tags- jacket, sweater, jumper, cotton (if made from cotton) clothing.
etc, theres many more that you can ass including the size, colour and other details that make the jacket unique.
Make sure when writing your description for the item that it is accurate! People do not want to be misled by short descriptions or hidden information!

Once you have your information on your listing correct and enough items in your shop you will notice people buying or putting your items into their favorites, (this is an Etsy feature).

Ebay is somewhat similar, however you wont need to work as hard to market your product as there are millions of ebay users searching for items every day.

Take clear photos of all your crafts, write interesting descriptions and you will be on your way to selling your own handmade goods!
This can be a great way to earn a casual second income and work from home!

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