Sackboy, Domo Kun & Mario galaxy Luma Keyrings!

Oh yes!
The best of the best combined to make an adorable 4 piece keyrings set featuring: Domo Kun, Sackboy, Patchwork Sackboy and the adorable Luma from Super Mario Galaxy!

These little guys are made from felt, stuffed with hobby fill and blanket stitched around the outside.
The patchwork sackboy has a button for an eye and they all include their own tiny key rings, to make it easy to add to key sets!

These little dudes are available in my ebay HERE, and also in my Etsy store HERE.
My fav has to be patchwork Sackboy- I am actually making an amigurumi version of this guy, so he should be in my Ebay store within 3 days! 
Heres a close up, just after i finished making this little guy:

As you can see i have plenty of buttons for future projects!
Click the images for a bigger, better view of them.

I am also taking custom orders for these guys, eg. different colours and sizes, different characters etc.

So if your interested just comment/email!

-Amigurumi Zoo.

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