With an array of felt laying around i figured it was about time to do something with it!
So, i have seen plenty od phone cases and pouches with ordinary designs and thought it would be cute to have more softer and interesting designs.
So i decided to make a Domo Kun phone pouch! This can be bought in my etsy shop HERE

I made this pouch from a double layer of felt to protect the phone from scratches. One layer could probably suffice but two would be best. (see below)

I hand designed and cut my own patterns into paper and pinned them to my felt and cut out my shapes. After much trimming and fiddling with the pieces i managed to make them match up! I blanket stitched the teeth to the red felt and did a normal stitch inside. I also blanket stitched the outside with acrylic yarn to give it a more homestyled appearance.

Below:My blackberry curve fits inside perfectly and im sure an iphone would probably fit too.

More phone cases coming soon!

Its almost that time of year again where kids eat candy and scare the neighbors! - Halloween!
Although its not celebrated here in Australia-it is still a popular holiday theme.
I thought Sackboy would look cute dressed as a jack o lantern and so here he is!
This little guy can be purchased in my etsy store HERE or my ebay auction HERE
Pics below!:

Above: His cap is fully removable (as with all of my amigurumi dolls)
Below: behind view

Below: great for decoration!

All my amigurumi dolls are available in my etsy and ebay shops!
Well i thought it was about time to open an Ebay store..seeing as though i had opened an Etsy shop already. So now i have the best of both market places!

All my Amigurumi's are listed on my ebay page HERE

Also all my items are listed on my Etsy shop HERE

If your interested in any amigurumis i also do requests and comissions :)

I decided it was about time to start making my Sackboys in something a little different from their usual brown yarn. So, i put my thinking cap on and, inspired by the Super Mario Bros games, i came up with Sackboy in a frog suit!
I think he turned out fantastic! If your interested in purchasing your own Sackboy he is in my ETSY store.
Below are some photos of the finish amigurumi:

Above: Side View and webbed fingers!

Above: His hat is fully detachable

Above: Photo from the back
Nice smaller photos this time. I may upload the higher res photos a bit later on.

Halloween themed sackboys coming soon!

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